What is the actual difference between a Referral And a Reference?

@rajiv22 (167)
Chengalpattu, India
December 1, 2010 4:50am CST
I was recently applying for a job. In the company's recruitment page, i was filling up my job applying procedure form. In the one of procedures, at one place of the form it asked me to state 'employee referral details' and at another place of the form it asked me to add 'Reference if any'. Thought i knew one person from that company through whoms request i am applying, he stated an another person and i am going to attend the interview process under his reference only. Now, What would i fill at 'employee referral details' and what at 'Reference if any'? whose name shall i fill at which respectives? Guide me....
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@owlwings (43915)
• Cambridge, England
1 Dec 10
A reference is, strictly speaking, a document or letter from a previous employer or someone who knows you which tells your new employer details of that person's personal experience of you as an employee. Sometimes the word refers to just the names of people who are prepared to write references for you. If an application form asks for references, you should always contact the people you intend to name beforehand to ask them if they would be prepared to write references for you. Employers will usually only take up references (ask people to write a reference) when they are seriously thinking of employing you. Sometimes they will not even bother if they have enough evidence that you are the right person for the job. A referral may be the word used for someone who is prepared to give you a reference but can also mean someone who has actively referred or recommended you for a job. Both terms very much depend on the usage of the company. It seems that, in your case, you might put the name of the person on whose recommendation you are applying under 'Employee referral details' and the names of anyone (past employers, for example) who would be prepared to write you a reference, if required, under 'Reference, if any'. Do NOT forget to ask the person first!
@rajiv22 (167)
• Chengalpattu, India
1 Dec 10
Ya, i know them both very well. so no issues with that. Just wanna know one more thing that, how much percentage is there change of getting me a job over there by means of Referral and reference? Anyways urs was way helpful.
@dpalais (130)
• Philippines
1 Dec 10
Rajiv22 Thank you for bringing that question to a discussion because I do experience that difficulties in recognize who is the right person to be written in which column. I always give a wild guess and I think it sometime work. About the percentage of getting a job through referrals and reference, In our country its quite obvious that when your applying for a job,referrals and references has a great impact because this people may build or destroy your reputation. That's why it makes sense if you know someone who is known and has power in the society but of course this person should know you and you must be friends.
@ufjari (13)
• Pakistan
1 Dec 10
As My thinking Referral Mean some one give u guide line about any matter, in this case u are the referral of that person and reference described as u already know someone that are the employee of that firm or any familiar person whose know u well. sometimes its also known as guaranter.