Could he be the one?................................

United States
December 1, 2010 2:27pm CST
Hello friends! Guess what..... I am seeing someone. It has been a couple of years since I've been in a relationship and I must confess that right now it feels great. Yes, I still have my wall up but that of course is because of the last relaitionship I was in and how it ended (which was by him marrying another woman behind my back........terrible!). His name is Danny and he treats me so, so nice. You know how everything is so nice in the beginning right, but I do hope that it stays this way for at least a year, lol : ) So let me ask you, are you in a new relationship or just ended a bad one? Please let me know. Thanks and God bless! : )
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@hestylim (1210)
• Indonesia
2 Dec 10
I don't know if I should say I am seeing someone, but particularly we do what couples usually do. Though, we meet once a month or two. He is such a busy man, and always go out of the town. I just let it flow. I think he's not into me, but he always comes back to me in the end. It is confusing, but I don't want to be confuse because of it. So, I just let it flow. Time will finally give me the answer..
@toniganzon (72285)
• Philippines
2 Dec 10
Congratulations to you and think positive! You're going to have a relationship! I'm married and yes we're having tough times sometimes but we seem to work it out somehow. Going strong for 7 years now!
@Opal26 (17679)
• United States
2 Dec 10
Hi Linda! Nice to see you! And really nice to hear that you have met someone who you really like. I do hope that things work out for you because I remember all the stuff you went through before. Just take it slow and see what happens. Maybe he will be the one. I am still with the same "one"! We will be together 3 years this January. Things are better I guess. I certainly never expected us to still be together this long! We have our good and bad times, but we manage to work through them so far. So I hope things do work out for you, but for now just enjoy yourself and the "newness" because that's the best part!
• Philippines
2 Dec 10
Hello there, I never had a boyfriend since birth. This year I meet this guy, a very good guy. We became friends then lovers. Then for seven months relationship we had, we decide to get married. We are happy together right now.