Getting 25 dollars a month for 80 articles throughout life is simple!

December 1, 2010 11:53pm CST
When I started doing hubpages, I just thought it would give a slow revenue to me. I know that site was a legitimate as it had more than two hundred thousand users like mylot. I gave it a try and started writing articles. I was shocked as many articles were in first page of google search for that term. My earnings soared as I wrote. Now I earn 25 dollars every month even though I stop writing! Passive income comes till you die and this is the best source. Just try out this site
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@Radamel (122)
• Turkey
22 Apr 11
With my 42 published articles, I earn 10$ monthly. I don't know what I should do to earn much more. I heard some people earning more than 1000 dollars monthly and read their success stories. They impressed me to some degree, but I have still doubts because I can't believe I can achieve this goal. I earn 100 dollars monthly in Triond with more than 200 articles. Actually I was earning more than this but nowadays their rates decreased sharply because of some reasons which I can't guess now. So, is it possible to a good amount of money with Hubpages ? Is there anyone here who can inform and convince me about writing for Hubpages ?
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@UmiNoor (4372)
• Malaysia
17 Apr 11
I understand the potential of Hubpages. I only have one article over there. I've been busy with other writing sites to concentrate too much on Hubpages. But it does seem like a viable avenue for passive income.
@Kirinx (1690)
• United States
19 Apr 11
thats convinced me even more to give it a try.
@alex8288 (290)
• Philippines
3 Dec 10
Good for you, I hope I can write more articles to. So why you stop writing?
@Kirinx (1690)
• United States
18 Apr 11
I doubt he or she has the time anymore
@Kirinx (1690)
• United States
19 Apr 11
wow 80 articles is kinda alot but the fact that it is passive income is pretty cool.I might try it in the future as I havent really written anything for the company I am with now.(textbroker.)
@ip5217 (1655)
• Philippines
3 Jan 11
That's a very good source of passive income. I have joined several writing sites too but my income hasn't reached this level yet. I only receive a few dollars on a monthly basis. I only have 10 articles in one site that gives me an average of $2-4 a month. I know if I write some more I will earn more, too.
@rdaradjat (132)
• Indonesia
2 Dec 10
Is it free to join? Because, 25 dollars a month is very good for a site where we can join for free. Could you tell us more about it? For examples, tips or tricks? Thank you.
• India
2 Dec 10
How much have you earned? how they pay?