Is FIFA becoming irrelevant?

December 4, 2010 2:19am CST
FIFA has, under Sepp Blatter made some very extraordinary decisions and milestones. It has brought the World Cup, against all odds, to Africa. That is a plus. But in recent times, albeit that milestone, FIFA has been embroiled in backhand dealings and ineptitude decision-making when it comes to disciplining erring officials as well as working on affiliate disputes. In the wake of the latest selection of the two World Cup hosts (Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022), amid corruption allegations and exposés of its officials, do you think FIFA has become irrelevant to the sport?
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@rappeter13 (8549)
• Romania
4 Dec 10
I am sure that it wouldn't matter the final results, the accusations would still be there. It is hard for a bidding country to accept that their work has not succeeded and instead of accepting the defeat with dignity, the loosing sides start with accusations. Like it would do any change. We have to accept that the major competitions are organized by FIFA and, despite all the controversy, football evolves and becomes a phenomenon which involves 1/3 of the population of the world. I think this wouldn't be possible without a strong leadership and a good organization. Everything in this world has a leading organization and in football's case is the FIFA.
@sjlskl (3382)
• Singapore
4 Dec 10
I dont think FIFA has become irrelevant. It is more likely that Blatter is becoming irrelevant. He should step down and let someone with new ideas to freshen things up. As for the bidding, it is always the case. With such arrangement, there is always the niggling fear of bribery.