@creyos (275)
December 4, 2010 10:40pm CST
I heard in some countries, it's legal to take Mar1juana but not the other drugs like Coca1ne. However, in some countries as opposed, it's still illegal and included as drug. In fact, so far as I know (honestly, I never tried it) mar1juana gives the ecstassy effect without addiction. Is Mar1juana included as drugs? What's the consequence of taking it for long time?
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@thanks1961 (7035)
• India
5 Dec 10
Hi dear, I heard of all these name and never used. Mar1juan is produced from a beautiful plant which is growing in many countries. In our country, the production and cultivation is legally banned and still it is cultivating and selling by people in various places unknowingly. Police and the authorities used to destroy the plants from various places and still I think people use it and make it for earning money. As a personal advice, I request you to don't use it and it is not good for our health. Also, it the long run, it may cause addiction and we will destroy our life and other's life with whom we live. I am not telling that you may use it or interested in using. But discourage others if anyone you know that they are using the same. Thank-s
• United States
12 Dec 10
i like Mar1juana
@creyos (275)
• Indonesia
12 Dec 10
And do you feel the effects to your health now? How long have you been using it?