Dealing with an officemate?

December 5, 2010 5:36am CST
How to deal with your office mate? One of my office mate told me that there are 2 ladies complaining about the new group they are in. I asked why? According to her, member of the group was ignoring them and don't refused to reach out. As I analyzed things this 2 girls was the new member isn't it..They should be the one who will reach out not the other way around. It was an office, everyone is busy doing their assigned tasks. Recently, there are people complaining about their attitude and accordingly it was so hard dealing with them.. Aside from that one don't even know how to smile and the other was too noisy. I told the member of the group to deal with them with patience and with professionalism.Have you ever experience this kind of people in your office?
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@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
6 Mar 13
i think its normal to meet a noisy co-worker but not that a co-worker that never know how to give a smile even for a second,because i still never meet this kind of person who never give smile in the office,but lazy office mates,yes i have encountered them.