What do you like about MyLot

December 5, 2010 10:51am CST
Well, besides the money part, I like the customability you have when looking through threads, to find threads you may want to see.
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@dodo19 (43306)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
5 Dec 10
I really enjoy taking part in discussions and reading what other people have to say about one thing or another. I have fun doing this sort of thing. I would have to say that this is why I like mylot.
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@Kate34 (656)
• France
5 Dec 10
I like that it pays and what it pays for. It is so fun mylot. I also love the different interest on it and my favourite is mylot.com their the easiest to answer an the most interesting. Mylot is a really fun site. The creator is a genius and many many people thank the creator. I hope you earn big. Happy mylotting.
• United States
5 Dec 10
What I especially like about the site is that it is a long standing sustainable site. Which has rules for a reason. I really enjoy members who follow the guidelines and learn enough where as they come back consistently to help one another out. I see that you are new so welcome to myLot and wish you a successful membership also.
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@jugsjugs (13038)
5 Dec 10
The things that i like about this site is there are always good discussions that are being started up, people on this site are really great fun and friendly to chat to even the people that i have never met.It is easy to use this site and for the best part of the time it is always busy on here.
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@jasper40t (468)
22 Jan 11
ive only just started, ive got 31 cents, is that Normal for the Work i have done?
@Wefight (329)
11 Dec 10
Well yes i like the money the best but i also like what you said about you can comment on anything you want but i think they will stop you doing this eventually as they will give away too much money from inactive posts from 4 years ago anyway i have no discussions at the moment so i will just catch up with what i have missed that is the good thing that i like about it.Also the friendlieness of the people on here they are so nice too chat to and fun aswell sometimes i forget i am actually even here too make some more money too buy something lol :D.Hopefully i will reach cashout aswell this month my first month. Have a happy christmas and new year.
• Philippines
6 Dec 10
Honestly, I can't think of another thing other than money. I don't know, I don't feel like saying I liked this site because I can socialize, because I can answer question, because it's like a social network.
@rosekiss (30328)
• Eugene, Oregon
5 Dec 10
I like the fact that I can share my opinions with others and they with me, and get paid for doing sol. I am not really here for the money though, as it just isn't all that much, but the knowledge I have gained, has been priceless. I certainly have gained a lot of knowledge, and I hope to continue to learn. After all, mylot is all about being able to share with others get our questions answered, and earn in the process. It is nice to get a bonus though even though it isn't all that much. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.