how do you explain santa

United States
December 6, 2010 9:02pm CST
i tell my kids even as teens there is a santa and they believe me but i explain him in a different way. i told them how santa was created cause of a man in a village that would make toys and give them to children in his village and other villages close by etc etc. that is how santa was created and how the red suit sliegh and so forth came about. now i tell them there is still a santa but anyone can be a santa. when they were just little things like 1 and 4 years old we didnt have money for anything no tree, food, gifts etc. my oldest wrote a letter to santa and while she was i did too. i thought maybe it wold help my mood. i wrote dear santa and explained that i was a mom of these 2 good girls that deserved a tree, food and one gift and i couldnt give them that and i was sad and all i wanted for christmas was one toy each for them and a good meal. well christmas morning i got a knock at the door. it was a postman and he had his truck and told me santa couldnt get to my house but he left them with the post office and so he was making a specail delivery for santa. my oldest heard him and jumped up and down. before i knew it we had food, a tree, new sweaters, toys, and so forth. i cried and hugged him and he wouldnt tell me anything more. i wrote santa another letter thanking him. now every year i do something simliar to that. i run an apartment complex and we have low income families here and i get with people and ask for help to get each child on property at least one gift then on christmas morning we go door to door and deliver them as a family and tell them santa left it at the office for them.
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• Philippines
7 Dec 10
I explain santa as someone who lives in north pole and roams around the world to give gifts to children who had been nice the whole year. Ma course the movies that had been made about him also helps too. :)
@Masihi (4427)
• Canada
7 Dec 10
Oh, wow, that's such a lovely story! Thanks for sharing! It really warms my heart to hear that people have compassion. I myself like to tell the history behind Santa Claus, but I don't tell them (my kids) that he exists as a magical person. My husband like to talk about the Story of Jesus, which is pretty good by me, I suppose. (we have slightly different faiths but believe in the same G-d and Messiah) Our family is low income, and since we just started to become finanically responsible, I hope one day when I get my debt paid off that we can help others who are in need. Happy Holidays!