Now i hate money.

December 7, 2010 8:33am CST
money is making people to do all the worst things. the only news that we see in any media is for money. every one in this world is looking for a favor from other to get money. where ever i go, i c and i enjoy there is money. and it is not that easy to earn money. its not like a simple task to earn some money atleast to live. it is becoming so hard and will continue to be to get some money to live peacefully. and even to live peacefully we have to kill the peace in mind to earn money. money money money. now i hate it.
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• Philippines
7 Dec 10 shouldn't hate money, hate is such a heavy word...we all need money, but I suppose you could detest people who are money hungry and be careful no to be one of them C;
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@sql_cell (1429)
• Indonesia
3 Feb 11
As humans, we can not escape from the money. We can not possibly live without money. If we say hate with money, we would not be approached for money. It is highly unlikely.
@indahfth (11169)
• Indonesia
8 Dec 10
I also really hate money. Because of money, my family split. because of money, my domestic turmoil. because of money, friendship relationships break up. But I am also not a hypocrite, if I really needed the money. Because with money, problems that I face now can be completed.
@hushi22 (4929)
7 Dec 10
really you do? can you give me your money? ...lolz... tbh, some people are really well driven by money but it is not the money to be blamed but the people.