He did it in front of his class...how do you protect your kids?

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December 7, 2010 11:56am CST
How tortured must he have been? My daughter is experiencing being bullied. The school staff, teachers etc are dealing with the problem. Her friends are very supportive and there for her. But there are times when things like this poor kid who killed himself in front of his class just breaks a persons heart. Do you even know if your kid is being bullied? http://www.fivehorizons.com/songs/aug99/jeremy_article.shtml
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25 Dec 10
My daughter is being homeschooled for that main reason, to avoid bullies. When I was in school, I was a constant target of bullies and constantly being bullied by teachers. So many people think it's just the kids that do the bullying but not so. When i was in the forth grade and attending a very posh public school, the librarian teacher was doing a video tape session where she would have kids sit in front of the camera and talk about a specific book. Apparently she picked an obscure book I'd never heard of and when I couldn't rattle off facts about the book, she proceeded to humiliate me in front of fifty other kids with vehement insults. When we lived in Florida awhile back (right after I'd given birth to my daughter), there were constant reports of school teachers abusing kids, sexually and emotionally. So we decided to start homeschooling her then, when she was around two years old. After we relocated to another state, we just kept homeschooling and it's really worked out. She still gets interaction with other kids on the local playground and local play groups and so far, there have been no instances of being bullied. I'm very pleased with that. Also, no bullying teachers!
@jordq7 (576)
• Philippines
8 Dec 10
hi there ersmommy1! As a student I actually experienced being bullied when I was in highschool because of my complexion and the way I look.I studied in a catholic school and I endured my classmates bullies for almost two years.It only stopped when I decided to skip class for two conscutive weeks..When the school principal came to confront me it seems that for her my case doesn't matter and even blame me for what happen..I told them that I wanted to transfer but they didn't allow me..It is the most hardest part of my life.Everytime I went to that school I am always thinking of how will my classmate treat me.Eventhough this problem was resolved the pain stays there and the worst is I don't have any parents to talk to about this problem.It was really a great relief for me to finally leave that school after graduation. Now I finally reach my senior year in college and I'll be graduating next March I can still clearly remember those people who hurt me.They are like tattoo that can never be erased on my mind..So as an advised for you ersmommy1,..please always stay by your daughters side and never leave her. Always protect her and prevent her from being hurt more by those bullies. If you let this thing continue your child will grow fragile and hateful like me which is not very good. Teach her to love herself and to trust to GOD...goodluck hope this help.
@lumenmom (1986)
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7 Dec 10
I don't know what was going on with this young man, but he was obviously in serious pain that he kept to himself. I think children today are forced to take on the pressures in life that are better left to adults. Many children children are exposed to the problems that their parents are going through, they sometimes blame themselves when things don't work out, when marriages dissolve, when money is tight yet they have needs, etc. Then if you add to that the challenges that school can bring especially if you are a loner or just not accepted for whatever the reason....it can simply be too much. I know my daughter is very sensitive and a constant worrier and many times when her dad and I argue, or she realizes I am stressed, she will ask what did she do or say it's her fault. I hate that she feels that way but I am glad we always have open communication and she talks to me because I emphatically let her know nothing is her fault and I tell her she is a brave and courageous girl to put up with parents like us. I then tell her it is our responsibility to her and to ourselves to work out our issues. Open dialogue is so very important. I cannot stress that enough. Even when my daughter is mad at me and gives me that little pouty face, I tell her it's okay to be mad but we still need to talk. She tells me everything and though she's only 8 now, I would be very surprised if the dialogue stops in the future. As they grow up and have to face more and more of life's challenges, children really need to have somewhere they can safely go to release their tension.
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7 Dec 10
When I was in middle school I was being profusely bulllied in 8th grade, the kid always punched me and made me come to near tears, but then one day my parents saw a bruise on my arm and asked what it was. Being the scared poor kid I was I told them I fell, and they said "No it looks like knuckles" then they said they would go to the school, and they went to the school and I signed a form that said the kid and I would meet during class so we did, and the kid said sorry, and we became fairly good friends from that day, I guess all the kid needed was a little scare tactic and he behavved responsibly from then on.