Commercial space flight, will it change our lives?

United States
December 8, 2010 1:22pm CST
How do you feel about commercial space flight?(that started today) Will it change how we live our lives? Or will it only affect future generations?
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12 Dec 10
I believe it will not necessarily affect our generation, but definitely will impact the future. As of now, development has not exactly been made efficient enough to the point where people could fly through space commercially, all without paying a fortune. This is because of the inefficient methods of powering the transportation vehicles to do so. When we think of this, we would generally imagine a rocket burning tons and tons of fuel to produce enough thrust to get into space. Technology is advancing, however, to the point where newer and better methods of flying are being invented, which will make space flight more likely. An example includes the inverted space plane known as SpaceShipOne, which is developing into a new prototype. This plane as the ability to fly into space, though not considerably, and reenter the atmosphere with smooth sailing all along the way. Even though it won't get us to the moon and back, it sure is something worth looking into. As I said before, it won't really affect our generation as much, but you can almost be certain it will do so in the future.
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13 Dec 10
True. We can only be hopeful or choose to be a nonbeliever.
@maezee (41997)
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9 Dec 10
I doubt it, because I would imagine that kind of thing to be very very expensive, and therefore only something that very very rich people can take advantage of, not everyday people like you and me. You know?
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8 Dec 10
Commercial space flight will definitly affect our generation, but what I mean is that when we made the airpla it only took a few decades to make it available to everyone at affordable prices, so soon these commercial flights will also bde affected and create affordable prices for everyone. It will change the future through making flight travel faster between places.