long drive on my new bike.

CBZ Extreme - long drive on bike
December 9, 2010 4:48am CST
Hi friends. yesterday me and my bro went to a 300 KM drive on new CBZ extreme bike. actually my bro met with minor accident day before yesterday and to repair the bike I had to stay back from my normal work. after repair work was done. we just unexpectedly went for a drive to a river dam which is around 150 kms from my home. it was a bit like raining yesterday. bike riding was fun, we went at an average speed of 100 kmph. the raindrops were hitting us as if stones were pelting from sky. it was a good hilly area the river was full. but the dam gates were not open. it would have been very good if the dam gates were open. it was a very big dam. i guess around 300 mts high. we started at home at around 1 PM and reached there by 3:30. spent some time there and then started back. when we were returning, night already had come it was dark high way and raining. I thought that we could not reach home the same day. but still we drove at a bit less speed and return journey took us around 3 hours. It was a really thrilling and at the same time terrible experience. and more over it was my first long drive on bike. today i am fully exhausted, but have to attend my daily duty. planning to go for another ride this weekend and this time in car. :)
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