love hurts

@jepoi17 (118)
December 9, 2010 8:44am CST
. . .love doesn't hurt at all times, the hurting is there to test us to help us grow! you can't finish a book without closing its chapter,to move on you have to leave the past, in the same way as you turn the pages of the book. love doesn't destroy by a single failure or won by a single care.It is a lifetime venture wherein we are always learning,discovering and growing!!! . . .how do find thids topic myloters??
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@xxj3ffxx (501)
• Australia
10 Dec 10
yes jepoi17, thats very true, but sometimes love is considered as trust. So, when love is broken, trust in this person also is damaged that make us think that trusting would be hard to do again well.. anyway, its a bit out of topic, what i mean to say is that what if there is a second failure? a third failure? that would destroy the person. am i right?
• Mexico
10 Dec 10
Hi jepoi: Well sometimes love hurts, specially when you don't find the same answer on the other person you love or when you have to say good bye, like on the examples you have mentioned. And even with that, love is a state of grace and it makes life better and more beautiful. ALVARO
@buggles64 (2709)
• United States
9 Dec 10
Unfortunately, I disagree with this statement. True love on the parts of two people does not and should not "hurt." If one person loves another and the other person repairs this love with abuse, then it is not love. Love is kind, love is generous, love does not envy, nor is it bold and brassy.
@sender621 (14894)
• United States
9 Dec 10
Love doesn't always have to be a feeling of hurt. It isn't always about pain, sorrow and rejection. it can also be a feeling of joy and happiness. It depends on the relationship you have to determine what love will bring to you.