Do you know the liger

@fishpool (186)
December 11, 2010 9:42pm CST
Liger is the offspring of a female tiger and a male lion.It is unbelievable,isn't. The tiger and the lion are the different species and we know they shoudn't be able to generate the baby.but they i am puzzled.what about you ?and the event make me worry about the future of the nature because humanbeing have interfered more in the nature and now we cant predict what the future is like .what do you think of this .can you give me your opinion?
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• India
12 Dec 10
hey... you only know about liger.I wanna tell you another one it's's combination of female lion and a male tiger.if you wanna talk about human interfear to nature,dont worry.may be you are wondered,"according to indian mythology,there were so many cases to joint animal parts to human bodies too".very well know eg. lord GANESHA and its not fake it was by genetics.
• Philippines
12 Dec 10
I like the fact that science could help us in solving existing problems, but this is the effect of people playing God, what if those ligers mutate into something uncontrollable and destructive? Why do they have to do this, what are the benefits of doing this kind of scientific experiment? They should have solved the existing problem of the dwindling natural habitats of those animals instead of playing around with their genes!