when you were booked to go home...

December 12, 2010 5:40am CST
staying here is not always like a bed of roses. maybe yes to those very lucky who have landed to the best paying job. as for me, i am just so excited that i can almost forgot all the hardships that i have been through over my new job... have you ever tried staying away from your family and longing to go home most of the time? do you work overseas and can't wait to see your relatives when you were booked to go home or go on vacation?
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@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
12 Dec 10
hi Kumar I worked as a nurses aide when I was much younger and though I was not over seas I was forty miles from my farm home as there were no'job at all in out small town of 1300 people.what few jobs were alreay taken so I had applied at Rapid City Hospital and was accerpted. so the first time in agea I had been away from home and for while I was homesick but as I love my job in the hospital I soon began to make friends and we were friends off the job and o n the jobs. we did not make a lot of money way back then the cost of living was very low and comnensurate with what the jobs paid so was a good time right after the Seond world War. I love working with the sick and I soon got a lot of praises for being a good nurses aide. So I had a small taste of what it must be like being clear away in another country. I hope you have ways of staying in contact with your loved ones so it willnot be quite so lonely. Areyou able to go home for Christmas? I bet you will be thrilled to go back home for a visit at Christmas time. good luck And God blessMerry Christmas to you Kumar.
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@bunnybon7 (50973)
• Holiday, Florida
12 Dec 10
oh lord yes!! Ive been stuck either in florida or az for twenty some years and i couldnt tell you how i miss my home in ohio and all my relatives there. when i went on family reunion 2 yrs ago, i cried i was so happy when seeing some of my cousins and aunts.
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• Pamplona, Spain
12 Dec 10
Hiya kumar, Does mean that you will still be going Home to Granada to see everyone then? I hope so very much. Because life is far too short for all Family not to be together. Especially with yours where you are all so close. I know you are far away from them at the moment but in about 3 or 4 Days time you should be flying over to Granada is´nt that right. Yes I said before that I miss being in England terribly sometimes. Sometimes when People pass through my Hometown they ask me what do you see in it. I tell them I see the People I was born with lived with, suffered with and played and laughed with is that not enough? I come from Wolverhampton West Midlands so it´s not exactly London or Madrid but it is where I was born and would not have it any other way. My Family are estranged from me but yours are not. They will be waiting for you with open arms you know. People from Granada are like that they will hug you till you can hardly breathe I know my Husband´s Family is like that too they almost crush me into bits (grin). So you stop fretting now and get those Bags packed and get started out and when you get there you can eat all those Polvornes, Turrones, Cakes, Roscon de Reyes all that plus the Christmas Dinner and Nochebuena Dinner as well. You should have a wripping time or a wail of a time as they say where I come from. Enough gloom and doom. I want to see you get off that plane in Granada and start enjoying yourself Kumar. I might see you on the Television too as the Cameras are going to be around all the Airports filming different spots and stuff. Those miserable Air Strikers have finished now thank goodness so you will have a smooth flight over here. Good luck kumar enjoy it all you deserve it. xxx
• India
14 Dec 10
I work in my country but had been away for 3 months and than I realized the feeling of being with/away from family and friends. The day I got to know my return plans, days were taking long t finish and just wanted to reach ASAP.
12 Dec 10
I used to work oversea's, and would only go home every 6-9 months, I used to find that I would get really homesick on the first few weeks and the last few weeks, and I couldnt wait to go home. The only problem is that the time at home used to go very fast, and I wouldnt feel as if I had any time with my family.
@sashakiddo (1102)
• United States
23 Mar 11
I was in Spain for study abroad 4 months and I wanted to go home every single day! I talked on skype with my boyfriend nearly every night. Some people enjoy traveling, but the thing I liked about it was it showed me how much I love home! It was a real struggle to stay there and do well in class. I kept myself busy by going to the gym nearly every day. The sights get old after you live there for several months.