Do you belive that "Best friend is the best enemy?"

December 12, 2010 8:04am CST
I have a bestfriend before she was beautiful and intelligent.She was popular in our high school days and many woman are insecure of her.And I am just a simply,not pretty and not intelligent. We are really opposite but I love her and I am a true friend of her.Many are trying to ruin our friendship and there was one thing who end up our friendship.She was influenced in our plastic schoolmates.She ruined her trust on me she thought I betrayed her, but I didn't.I was victims in a situation which it hard for me to explain how it was.From that time on, she just ignore me and get so angry on me.She transferred in another school.I've hurt her, I didn't betrayed her.I really miss her so much.But I now, we can not be bestfriend anymore.
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@Beth2010 (12)
12 Dec 10
Yes sometimes it is the best enemy its because you have trusted him/her in all your life and now he/she hates you for no reason.
• Philippines
13 Dec 10
yeah your right and it's hard to back the trust and friendship that has been lost.
• India
12 Dec 10
I can understand whats goin on your head.Any thing is just like two side of coin, why not's also done with me once or twice with same friend,a little misunderstanding causes all are right,best friend is best enemy,in the sense during same time you can't do any thing proper,get agitated nowhere peace.if you are best friend,you will get togethare again.good luck....