Dubai. What do you think of Dubai?

Dubai Hotel - Burj al Arab Dubai
@grandbbq (154)
United States
November 18, 2006 12:34pm CST
What I mean is, that apprently in less than a decade Dubai has gone from a nowhere place to a booming mecca for tourism and business. Fantastic architecture, soon to be home to the talles building in the world, home of the tallest and most extravagant hotel in the world. The question is this. Why is it that the people who are building this fanastic city are only getting paid what equals to about $1.00 USD per day? Why are the construction crews living in sub standard labaor camps? Apparently the majority of the workers are foreign. Why would one of the richest places in the world act like this?Oil? Money? Greed? I think this is just shy of slavery. What do you think?"We get 600 dirhams a month ($160)," said one. "They deduct 200 dirhams for our food and it costs another 100 for us to phone home. It's impossible to save anything." Articles
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@Larina (457)
• Singapore
27 Nov 06
Hmmz... 600? That is little... usually the guys here get around 2000-3000 in retail sales, 1000-2000 as guards, 2500 or so as designated bus drivers... even my manicurist get around 3000 plus plus... If 600 is all you get? Change you job!