what are the things you enjoyed about being a students?

@jepoi17 (118)
December 14, 2010 1:42am CST
. . .i myself experiencing great things being a student! i have fall in love, get some of my achievements and doing something annoying something and embarassing one. how about you???
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@pokumon (644)
• United States
15 Dec 10
I have loved how much I have learned in all my classes. I got over my fear of public speaking by doing so many presentations. I also have found love at school, which is surprising because I never dated in high school. I have most enjoyed finding people with similar interests and beliefs and attitudes around me and making friends.
• Mexico
14 Dec 10
Hi jepoi: AFter finishing my collegue years I think I will miss a lot these beautuful moments that I've spent on my life for the majority of my life. I won't be a student anymore and that's a little bit sad, but everybody have to grow up at some point so it's better to go on and keep trying to be better persons. I will love how my collegue looks like, my classes, to be prepared for an exam, my friends, my worries, everything is beautiful when youi think about their meaning in a studen'ts life, at least in my case. ALVARO
@tsenes (36)
• Philippines
14 Dec 10
Hi jepoi17, Yes I agree with you, it was also when I was still a student that I fell inlove for the first time. There are many things that I also enjoyed. There's the parties that I went to, clubs that me, my friends, my cousins went to. I think that when you were still a student those days were also considered learning days. It is where you get punished by your parents because you disobeyed them, it is where you experienced hard days on school, it also where you get to have lots of school activities that you need to attend to. There are so many things that I remembered back on my school days. It was fun and some are also sad. But it is through those days that I learned and become a better person now.
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
14 Dec 10
hi, when i was in college student, i enjoyed some tripping in the school, when my classmates were seated on the bench and do some trip to the other student. and the other was when we went to rizal park and stay for how many hours.
@livecenter (1136)
• Malaysia
14 Dec 10
I think most people have the same script...Falling in puppy love, getting good, as well as bad exam results, hanging out with friends, fly (means getting out of school without permission), and more...And so do I...Me myself fond of the memories when me and my friends 'fly' out of the school in the midnight...It challenges me as that is the very first time I do such things...But, it feels good and indeed very good when I did that with them...Hope to go to that time again and doing that with them again...But I know I will never able to do that again...Nevertheless, I know the memories will stay alive, although I had left school for years...^__^