life is a blessing

@jepoi17 (118)
December 19, 2010 10:52pm CST
. . .nothing starts easy everything begins with some level of difficulty, even waking up requires certain efforts.. . . but one thing beautiful about life is the fact that the most difficult is also the most rewarding and satisfying . . .remember life is also a blessing! reflect on this. .
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• Mexico
21 Dec 10
Hi jepoi: I agree with you. When things are difficult you feel really satisfied when you finally get what you want and life is a blessing. even if we sometimes think that we only have big problems, there's always a solution for them. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts. Merry Christmas. ALVARO
@lelin1123 (15595)
• Puerto Rico
20 Dec 10
For me life has been more of a blessing then anything else. I feel GOD has truly blessed me even though I have had many difficulty in my life things could have been worse. So for me with all that said life has still been a blessing for me and my family.
• Philippines
20 Dec 10
Yeah, life is a blessing and sometimes, life is a b!Tch. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down. It's like a wheel the rolls and It's your choice whether to sway with the wind that hits it or keep moving forward no matter where the wind guides you.
@zenkey23 (416)
• Philippines
20 Dec 10
Indeed! Life is one of the most important we should be proud of :) Among those many cells that your mother and father make. You are chosen by GOD to have your own happy LIFE. :) And it is true that life came with different kinds of problems. It is what we called TRIALS. And it is also true that those DIFFICULT TRIALS is the most rewarding :) GOD gave you life and he has purpose for doing it :) Always remember that GOD can make all of your TRIals into TRIumph :)