Would you dump your guy because he's having second thoughts due to what his moth

@Ritchelle (3795)
December 20, 2010 1:10am CST
If a boyfriend starts being cold: bailing at the last minute in picking you up, not telling you crucial things like what's going on in his life, not even telling you little things that's bothering him and is always angry at you for nonsense things he believed you did wrong and you found out that he's (probably) having second thoughts because his mother commented that your engagement was fast would you give your guy the boot or give him space to think things out? Or would you wait for him to call your relationship off? How would you react if, with the current state of your relationship, he chose to go out with an ex that you know he's still friendly with even before you had a relationship with him? I think that if a guy loves you then no matter what others say it would still be his call and nothing would change. However do you think he deserves credit for listening to his mom? That he think things through first? After all if you become a mother, yourself, you would've wanted a child to listen to your advice, right?
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