Why are so many people interested to do photography?

December 20, 2010 11:34pm CST
I love photography and I got it from my father. However, I noticed that many of my colleagues now are into photography. Despite the high cost of its equipment, still many are very much interested to try their hands on photography. What are the reasons why people get into photography.
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• Slovenia
21 Dec 10
I think the main reason for this is that photo cameras are more available to people. Also digital cameras are more user friendly than classic cameras, you can do more experimental work with digital cameras. Most of people now buy compact cameras which is very cheap this days and practiclly everyone could buy one. I also buy very cheap digital camera five years ago, and start to photograph more and more, than I buy better and better equipments. Now I am on DSLR camera and I like photography.
• Philippines
22 Dec 10
I agree with you. Also, learning how to shoot good photos is readily available online or over the internet. I also noticed that many people loves to see themselves on pictures. Not only does people learn to love taking pictures but people also finds fun posing for pictures.
• Slovenia
24 Dec 10
Its true that lots of people like to see themselves on pictures. But most of all this is family photography. Shooting people when wan some holidays, like birthdays and other. Or on vacation for example. That kind of photography in different than artistic photography. So I don`t know what is the point if you take a picture of Colloseum and someone posing on that picture, you can`t even recognize this people on photo than.
@maximax8 (30121)
• United Kingdom
22 Dec 10
Six backpackers traveled through Indonesia on a trip that lasted two months however none of them took a camera. Therefore they were unable to take photos of the landscapes, people and animals. I can't imagine going on a trip if I wasn't able to do photography. I have a digital camera that has a fantastically long range zoom. I have traveled to more than fifty different countries. On these trips I have taken lots of photos of the scenery, people and animals. Many people like to take photos of their family members. This I think the reason why so many people in the world are keen on photography. Cameras come in different price rangers so there is one for every person that wants one.
• India
22 Dec 10
I dont find reason for getting into something for me i do what i fell if its photography i do if its bunking classes i do it and if its attending classes i do it i dont find reasons for doing something and i do what i feel at that moment and never bother why others chose some something.I feel people do something because they enjoy what they are doing.I do things i enjoy and never do things for anything else.I love it I do it I hate it I never do it.
• South Korea
21 Dec 10
like what you said they like it.. and whatever makes a person happy I dont think theres nothing wrong for them to pursue or try to be better in that field:) and I think photography is for everyone as long as you have passion for it:)