good listener

@jepoi17 (118)
December 21, 2010 1:29am CST
. . have you ever talk to a person that you don't understand what they say? or the other way around that the person listen to you don't understand what you want to say? . . thats what we called a barriers of communication. for you my lotters what are the things that you consider upon listening to someone speaking? have you really understand them or you just pretend that you understand them for not to offend them??
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@tkonlinevn (6008)
• Vietnam
18 Jan 11
I sometimes don't hear anythings from deposit person; because I'm thinking about other story. I think that my friends don't feel comfortable. But I can't do different. And I don't know why. Some my friends are too. I often feel shy at that time. I think that listening is good for all of us. So, try to become a good listener.
@checapricorn (16061)
• United States
2 Jan 11
I would say I do understand most of the time, I try to pay attention carefully and ask questions when I don't understand the person I am talking with!
@lingli_78 (12822)
• Australia
22 Dec 10
when i communicate with other people and i don't understand what he/she is saying, then i will ask the person to explain it to me again... it is better to clarify and remove the barriers of communication rather than having misunderstanding in the future which can destroy a relationship... take care and have a nice day...
@krajibg (11923)
• Guwahati, India
1 Jan 11
Hi jepoi, Listening is an voluntary action and therefore it is entirely upon the person to know if at all he/she is getting what the other person trying to communicate. Listening that too with all attention for a long time is difficult or tiresome. But One needs to inculcate the virtue of listening other. What happens in most of the time is that we love to air our say and not to listen to. To be a good administrator or a manger one must develop his/her listening skills or else there is a chance of misunderstanding.
• Indonesia
30 Dec 10
I think, often people speak according to what he wanted to say and hear exactly what wanted to be heard. I think, this is the major cause of the communication barriers. Successfull and infuential people are those who can place themselves between the environments (others people, meaning he was able to speak and listen with their heart, not with the emotion.
• Philippines
22 Dec 10
I Agree Mr. Jepoi ... actually there are two barriers of communications... one is the Language.. why Language?? we all know that in every place in our nation, in the other countries, and even in a every region having different languages... that makes us difficult to understand and sometimes totally not to understand. however if we knew the language of he speaker... the other one is the Distance... distance because the farther the speaker the hardest for us to hear his/her... but today's technology it is not a probably a problem .. we can communicate .. even you are in the farthest place... by using our Technology cellphone, Internet, telephone.. and many more... thanks for the inventors ...
@mehta_dk (28)
• India
22 Dec 10
My personal belief is that we must listen to others carefully.Never to pretend that we understood if in real we havent, this could create problems. It is better to ask that person twice or thrice about the point he wants to clear, he will of course not say "no" to your "many times same ques."
• Mexico
21 Dec 10
Hi jepoi: These both situations has happened to me. When I don't understand a word that a person has said I try to follow the conversation but if i definetly don't understand what we are talking about I will ask the person to repeat again the whole sentence. It's funny because when people don't understand what I have said this usually makes me angry and then I try to speak as clear as possible. ALVARO
@visavis (5934)
• Philippines
21 Dec 10
Actually my friend in my point of view, if you say the speaker you heard is good or very good speaker meaning you understand what he/she speak. On the same way if the person you talking about said that your information is ok means he/she understand what you talking about. Beyond this you or him may be lying or pretenting that understand what heard.... yes sometimes it is happening.... see you around
@leeh2229 (85)
• Philippines
22 Dec 10
For me i consider being a good listener is an essential part of communication. That's why i always tries to be a good and patient listener cause i want someone to be like that to me as well! I believe being one will also helps me solve many problem at work, home but also to see the world through the eyes of others thereby opening my understanding and enhancing my capacity for empathy. And I've learned a lot from listening, cause as simple as listening to and acknowledging other people may seem,doing it well, particularly when disagreements arise, takes sincere effort and lots of practice. ;)
• Austria
21 Dec 10
Oh yes, that happens. This I experienced with my former girlfriend. We separated about five months ago, and then, when we had spoken about what he and she made wrong in the relationship, here I realized that I couldn't understand her anymore. I didn't know what she thought. We only talked at cross-purposes. But that doesn't happen to any topic we talk about, so I still can be in contact with her, only as good friends, of course.
• Philippines
21 Dec 10
Yes, a number of times! Well, for a fact, I am one of those who pretend to listen even without fully understanding what the person says. It really depends on my mood. It's so hard to say you don't understand to a person pouring his/her heart out. But if the talk becomes really serious and demanding, I ask.