Sal Alosi Suspended Indefinitely and Fined $25,000--What do you think?

@Pitgull (1522)
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December 21, 2010 2:09pm CST
The Jets coach had a human wall built near the sideline, and stuck out his knee--tripping the gunner. Other teams build similar walls (aka Pink Floyd)... Tler Brayton of the Carolina Panthers, runs out on the field, with malicious intent--aiming for the gunner. He only gets fined. Should coaches be held to a higher standard, or should penalities be awarded equally? One man moves his knee and loses his livelihood, but a player intentionally runs into the field of play--aiming to hit another player illegally. Mind you, the gunner in Sal's situation was outside of the legal field of play. And you are supposed to get in bounds as soon as possible--not run up the sideline and then try to get around the other team.....
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22 Dec 10
i think both of these idiots should never be allowed to touch a football field again