the meaning of life. . ,points to reflect!

@jepoi17 (118)
December 21, 2010 9:31pm CST
. . .my discussion was how us people appreciates life?? . . .appreciate life itself even it is not perfect! contentment isn't fulfillment of what you wish for but appreciation of what you really have! . . .reflect on this my lotter it would be beneficial for you to seek your true participation on the blessing that only GOD best gift to us!
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• Mexico
22 Dec 10
Hi jepoi: I agree with you. Sometimes we only see the negative aspects of our lives and the worst part of it is that we forget the value of life. Even the simple things are a miracle that is with us everyday: a friend to talk, food, the air, water to drink, a place to stay, etc. Problems shouldn't be a reason to forget how beautiful life is. ALVARO
@spencari (265)
• Indonesia
22 Dec 10
by change ourself better, reflected we appreciate our life, so many things and ways that make our self be a better person join with discussion, read a book and practice it, join in motivational seminar, committed and promise "i am good, my life is good, able to be better and able to appreciate my live) even sometimes a lot of people complaint with their self why i can change myself better one... even is hard for the first may will easy for us for next,"if able to change ourself we can change our family, our neighborhood, our society,and our country to be better one