What should I do?

@Lochoa (222)
United States
December 22, 2010 10:51am CST
I bought a 2008 Mazda6 early this year (Feb) b/c I needed a car ASAP. My last car was totalled in a car accident (dec 08) so I had to buy another car ASAP so I bought a used 2002 audi from the dealership but then had to take it back b/c they sold me a lemon! This all happened within a month or so and in that time I had to have rental cars! Which leads me to why I bought my Mazda...the steering wheel had this major squeek going on and I realized it right after I bought it. After months of trying to get the dealership to fix the problem and pay for it themselves they finally did! I was so glad b/c it was going to cost me 1500 and I just couldn't afford it after paying for a newer car. I bought this car just b/c it was a cool deal, low miles, not expensive, newer model but it just wasn't my style. I prefer more luxury, leather seats and at least an aux input which my Mazda doesn't have. The car is fine now except for this ball sound that goes back and forth in my passenger door. It sounds as though there is a marble in there that moves in the door every time I turn the car. weird! But I seen this 2003 infiniti g35 on sale today at the dealership for a little over 10k but kkb says it should be sold for a little over 14k. My Mazda's trade in value is approx 10k so not too much off but do you think I should get this infiniti? It's red not my fav color, but I've had red cars in the past but it has leather interior and all the specs the mileage is fair approx 68k and my Mazda is approx 51. I don't drive that many miles a year maybe 5k. Am I just being picky and should stick to what I have or should I just go with it? Should I just eventually fix up my Mazda to make it feel my own? I just feel like I have a rental car right now. I don't want to regret anything later so I need advice. ext 2108
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