December 26, 2010 1:19am CST
In the movies and books, vampires are depicted as creatures who have the ability to convince human into doing what they want them to do through hypnotism. If you have the ability to hypnotize someone to love you back, will you do it? why?
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@SimpleBB (1329)
• Philippines
28 Dec 10
Definitely I won't. Being capable to hipnotize someone is like forcing them to do something that against their will, which for sure will not make us happy. Especially if it has something to do with emotion. That power for sure has limitation, and if you gonna used it to someone, are you ready to face the consequences of turning his back from you when the effect of hipnotism gone? Besides, you can't force happiness and love to last long if it is not genuine.
@eurekafemme (5877)
• Philippines
27 Dec 10
You have an idea of my situation and I can tell it is messy and painful, but, no. I'll not do that to my husband to make him do what I want or tell me what I want to hear from him, even extracting the truth from him. Doing so means I am depriving him of his choice to do the right thing or not. I am underestimating his capabilities to decide what is proper in a certain situation. Plus, having him do things because of a spell is not quite fulfilling for me. Because, I know he was forced to do it. And when he is no longer under such spell, he will still have to do what he wants and pleases to do. Hypnotism is just a temporary solution, a temporary bliss. Worse, a force surrender. I will not enjoy that. I'd rather do the natural way.:)
@Rhazelle (356)
• Canada
26 Dec 10
I would as a last resort if I really really wanted that person hahah. Maybe I'll hypnotize his friends to keep telling them awesome things about me or something to nudge him in that direction, but I wouldn't hypnotize him at first.
@annawen86 (545)
• Indonesia
27 Dec 10
i cant live in a lie. when i hipnotized the man i love to love me, it means i dont get the real him but only the physic.and i cant live like that forever. i need someone who really loves me no matter what i am. so i will never do that to any other man. because i want true love in my life. not a hipnotized love
@juneevee (106)
• Philippines
26 Dec 10
For me, nope. Its against the person's will. You wouldn't be happy anyway if deep inside you, you know that the person's emotions are just controlled by you.