what is the importance of Mathematics in our Life?

December 27, 2010 5:38am CST
i really love studying Mathematics.i studied basic arithmetic and algebra.for the nest years, new lessons will come. but, i really don't understand why we need to tackle those things. i don't know if it is used in our everyday life!!i can't understand:))
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@elena1969 (153)
8 Feb 11
There is a lot of use in our life if we know and mathematics.first of all mathematics change the way of thinking when you are in a hard situation.situations in which no one can help you,when you are all alone then is the time to use your geometry learnings and try to figure out how to get out of this situation.
• Singapore
27 Dec 10
It helps in calculating in even simple tasks like buying things or items and food, and when the shop owner or someone else hands you the change, you can calculate it using simple math. It's also used in designing cars, buildings, everything in this world will involve a lot of math. We cannot run away from it.
@msdivkar (23359)
• India
27 Dec 10
Mathematics is the base for the advance studies in physics, Chemistry, Engineering, economics etc. without the knowledge of mathematics you can't proceed further in those subjects. If you want to pursue advanced studies in arts or medicine you may not require mathematics. For you basic day to day needs basic Arithmetic is sufficient. I had a special arithmetic for my S.S.C. which was eleventh standard at my time.
27 Dec 10
Though it seems that we don't need them in everyday life, sovling these problems helps shaping your way of thinking, it's good prctice for your brain and may affect your decision making and the way you solve other problems in our everyday life.
• Indonesia
27 Dec 10
haha. mathematics is used in physics and other subject.. it is used to derive formula.. then, it can be used like counting speed in vehicle, etc..
@nestle11 (85)
• Philippines
27 Dec 10
Hi! I also love Mathematics. It's like a hobby for me. :D I think we use the basic Math in our everyday life. It's when we have transactions. Other people use higher Math with their works like accountants, statisticians, engineers, etc. But I think as long as we know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, that's more than enough for us to continue our everyday life! :D