What do English people have for dinner

December 29, 2010 4:46am CST
Hi guys. I always make curries on a daily basis, the only other thing I might make to go with the curry is rice now and again but apart from currys and the occasional chips for dinner. I was always curios as to what English people have for dinner on a daily basis?
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@camposkat (306)
29 Dec 10
If you mean British people, or those living in the UK, there aren't any specific meals that they eat. Having been in the UK for almost 2 years now, I noticed that they too have a variety of meals to choose from. They have salads and soups, they eat roast chicken or pork or beef. It probably depends on the season of the year. And ofcourse what their food preferences are. Some people can be vegetarian, vegan etc. so they may have different preferences or choices of food for their everyday meals. I also have learned a lot of meals that they cook which I have enjoyed like shepherd's pie, roast dinner, yorkshire pudding etc.
• Indonesia
29 Dec 10
hi.. asian people used to eat rice when dinner.. but it is different with western people.. (well, i think it is better to use western cause english is language).. they're not eating rice.. what i can see from tv and movies, they eat steak, meat, bread or something like that, and vegetables (they like to eat salad).. but it doesn't mean they don't like rice and curry.. one of my western friend like to eat "hainan" rice..she also eat curry..