"killer" teacher??

December 29, 2010 5:03am CST
hi mylotters.. i'm a student. in my class, i have some "killer" teachers. i always scared if i with them. they can't kill but they make the student scared to them.. once, i must have a dialog with one of "killer" teachers.. and i can't talk much, just put my head down, and silent.. and then he said, don't just be silent, you must talk also. what a scary one.. how about you? do you have any experience with "killer" teacher??
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• Philippines
29 Dec 10
"Killer" teachers are really scary. When Iwas in grade school, there were many pretty scary teachers. Most of them were very strict old ladies. In college, we had a "killer" teacher. She was also my teacher when I was in grade 4. Most of my classmates didn't like her. To me, she was all right even though she was scary when I was in grade 4. I noticed though that she was scary in the classroom but she is very kind when outside of the room. She is actually very approachable. I wonder why but she poses that split personality, maybe so that her students will take her seriously in the classroom. The following semester, she was replaced with a nicer one. Others hated her but I was all right with her. I have a philosophy about "killer" teachers but this does not apply to everyone. "Killer" teachers don't get mad for a reason. Don't give them a reason to be mad. Study well, participate in class, and you'll be all right...or all least survive.
• China
30 Dec 10
Definitely."Killer" teacher may very strict to their students in classroom, but after class, he/she will show his/her friendliness to students. As they have to establish their prestuge in front of their students so that their students follow their orders.
@a98231 (238)
• India
29 Dec 10
Yeah probably every school in the world has a so call "killer" teacher lol ;).And i also have one in my school that guy teaches us mathematics and if you dont pay attention or do not do the homework then he is like hell monster to the students. Well the good side is that it keeps us in discipline and makes us to do our work in time.
• Indonesia
31 Dec 10
haha. i remember my teacher at elementary school. she didn't like if we don't pay attention and she will throw chalk or eraser to us.. i once got that, it is hurt.. yeahh, it is right.. but sometimes they do cruel things like throwing stuff to us..
• Philippines
29 Dec 10
Yes, of'course. Each and every school year, it must have that so-called "killer" teacher. They might be terror in some way but do not always look at them like that because they probably do it on purpose. And that purpose is also for the students to benefit. Maybe they do that way of image in teaching as urge for the students to learn and study hard. But most terror teachers I once knew or thought of wasn't really that bad as they seemed in classrooms, they we're totally different outside the class. Some of them portray that role of a villain teacher in order to gain respect from their students. I guess it's one of the fundamental techniques for some teachers applied on students? Lol.
@yhanie (188)
• Philippines
29 Dec 10
well when i was still in grade school i used to be scared in teachers who threaten their students just to make us realize that we are just students and we can't have the right to be on their way,, usually some teachers make projects where they could gain money and i can't do anything to stop it at that time because i was still under their rules,, but now, i realized that they should be reported to higher authorities to make them realize that we are not the source of their business,, most teachers do that even now that im in college, but students just hold back because they are afraid to be dragged down by them., some really bear grudge when a student doesn't believe them,, they seem to be underestimated,, i'm just glad that belong to a department where money is not the basis of passing to a subject,, but i know some courses that makes profit through their students and i hope they will get caught in doing such things,, shame on those teachers,,
• Canada
29 Dec 10
The teacher might be right! He may be advising you to stand up for yourself and talk up a little more. I had some killer teachers myself, but after elementary school, I never let them intimidate me. In fact, I used laughter and jokes to get my way in High school and college :) you should try that