Incrase Bux Vanished From Sight.Is It Also a Scam Now ??

@awapak (1275)
December 29, 2010 1:42pm CST
Hi all readers,Incrase Bux was a good paying site but it has gone out of sight for many days b/c I can not log in to it and it tells about some secure connection.Can any one out of you tell me what is the problem? Is it also turning into cheating scam like,, etc ? Thanks in advance.
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• United States
29 Dec 10
When you open Incrasebux in IE it shows a message letting you know what is going on as well as on twitter as it has been said.. :) Just have to wait and see how it all goes. I just hope I don't loose my balance or referrals.
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@awapak (1275)
• Pakistan
29 Dec 10
Thanks for responding and sharing your views.I hope we will not lose our balances.
• United States
30 Dec 10
I have lost in other programs that were sold and then the new owners reset everything, not just once but several times.... I am hoping this one doesn't do the same.
@warvial (1146)
• Singapore
2 Jan 11
Hi, the site is back. It was down for maintenance previously and now it's back. Yesterday, I was still facing some issue with the security certificate but now everything has been resolved.
@julyteen (13252)
• Davao, Philippines
29 Dec 10
If you type their link on your browser you can read the time that they will be back online. Update Server We are currently doing a migration to new server. We will return at December 29, 2010 18:00 Sorry for the inconvenience INCRASEBUX TEAM All updats on twitter and facebook: So far the time now is 15:00 so lets wait another 3 hours.