giving up!

@jepoi17 (118)
January 1, 2011 6:30pm CST
. . .theres a lot of discussion here pertains on giving up but what does giving up means?? . . .giving up doesn't mean that you are weak but it only shows how brave are you to face the world alone! and it is not a big deal when you surrender every thing it only shows how you love that person much! . . .my lotters how much can you give for love?
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• Philippines
6 Jan 11
Hi jepoi, Wonderful question! Would you believe that i already given up my everything for my love? Friends been telling me i am a martyr, some say am kind, others say am brave. But they never know how coward i am and weak deep inside. I feel bad to admit it in your box jepoi. But this is the truth. My apology for not going into details. Past is now a history. Have a wonderful year co-mylotter!
• Mexico
2 Jan 11
Hi jepoi: I think that's a nice introduction to your subject. I think that I would give all of me for the person I love to make our love last and at the same time I'd like that this person would do the same for me so that we work together to be happy and follow the dreams that we have in common. ALVARO
• Philippines
2 Jan 11
i can give up 101 percent even if it means losing the one I love just for him to be happy. I will be more than happy for him if I knew he will be happy but of course I will make sure to myself that I will not suffer from being alone but instead try to open my doors to a new horizon of happiness.
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
2 Jan 11
hi, giving up for me is not a weaknesses,and not a big deal, giving up is only taking a rest... due to hopeless situation.