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January 3, 2011 12:07am CST
We have two dogs (or two other kids), a black lab and a chihuahua. Odd mix, I know. I love 'em dearly God knows I do, but sadie, the black lab is sooooo energetic! Before you tell me it's in her nature let me tell you I know! But we just can't keep up. She's calmed down alot in the past couple of years as shes aged but her energy level is still sky high compared to ours. She usually gets one walk a day and goes out to play several times a day. We can't do more than 1 walk a day and it's so cold out now that it's a struggle to take her out as often as we do already (for 15-20 mins at a time). Any suggestions on what we could do indoors to help with her energy level? I also heard that st. johns wart was good for hyper-active dogs? Whats your take?
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5 Jan 11
I think the treadmill is a creative idea and if you go to freecycle.com and sign up for your city I am sure someone will have one they are not using for free. also a great place to post your unwanted things! Is your yard fenced? if it is a safe place then letting out to just run is always a good energy burn my puppy gets tons of times to play outside cause hubby, me, and brother smoke, and outside due to kids and walls lol so he can go out and while we are out we are throwing toys and inside we wrestle too.
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9 Jan 11
our yard is fenced in but it has a huge open walkway. The dogs are really obedient when it comes to staying in the yard we just have to keep an eye on them, the minuite they notice we have our back turned they bolt lol. Crazy kids!
6 Jan 11
I also have a hyperactive dog. Here are the things that I do. 1. Freeze his food Doing this teaches your dog to work before he can get anything - food included. Freezing also helps your dog take in more liquids. He will usually keep on licking it if he is really hyperactive and it will drain his energy without you doing anything. 2. Create a Flirt pole to play with him You can easily do this with a stick (ours is a wooden chopstick), a string and any toy (since ours is a puppy, I always attach a soft toy). The trick is to make sure it is high enough that your dog don't get to the string yet it is easy to sway without you leaving your location. For my hyperactive puppy, 15 minutes is all it takes. There will even be times when he will give up because he is too tired to move forward. 3. Exude Calm Energy It will also help to limit the excited tones and try to exude calm energy. Try to practice in having your dog crated (this is necessary for discipline by the way). Don't let him out until he has calmed down and submissive and make sure that he is paying attention to you 100%. 4. Be The Alpha Dog Exuding calm energy is one way to tell your dog that you are alpha. This means they will listen to your words. Watch for signs that your dog is trying to overpower you. Is he rushing you to give his food? Is he stepping on your toes? Is he rushing to be first in entering the door, is he pulling on the leash? If you will simply establish that you are to be respected, then your dog will do that. I hope this has helped you with your dog. Tell me how it will go. Aira
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3 Jan 11
i really don't know much about dogs but this reminds me of a movie entitled "Marley and Me". I do hope you find a solution soon.
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3 Jan 11
Well, what I WOULD NOT do is give her human medication without a vet's recommendation and that you have no idea what would be the results. If she is in not danger going out to play I would increase those times. Indoors you could try the wrestling-type play as long as she is wrestling with someone bigger than her. These type dogs need fenced-in play areas and lots of play time. Please consult your vet before medicating.