what do you think about whether Huston rocket can get into playoff games?

January 3, 2011 1:02am CST
I watched the match between trailblazer and rocket. at last rocket lost its 17th games. during the match, the rocket have no chance to rout trailblazer. even though blazer lost its all-star player roy, it seem that they also have the ability to flatten the rocket. some newspaper report that rocket's bench is the most powerful in the NBA,but the season has pass a quater, i don't find any symptom that their bench is better than other teams. what do you think about rocket?do you think they can get into the playoff games?
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@free2012 (23)
• China
4 Jan 11
Sorry,I don't think your opinions,yes they losted a lot during yesterday's game.But today get better ,even though the result is the same ,only lost 7 score.their bench is rather good ,if Martin did normal performance,i think they'll win today's match.In the end i still suppose that thy will can get into playoff games.
• Australia
4 Jan 11
yes,but today rocket lost its game again.In Denver, they make a tough match,but acquire nothing. Martin also have right to shoot,but he just cut down 8 points. I think that's really not enough. He have the privilege to shoot in everywhere.But i don't think he shoulder the responsibility of this team.It is no doubt that he can not push the team to a higher level. In my opinion, maybe they want make a big bargin.
• Philippines
9 Jan 11
I don't think that the Rockets will enter into the playoffs. They have the talent and depth on its bench but I think they lack a reliable small forward and a center as well.
• China
3 Jan 11
who know& who cares!even though rocket goes into the play offs ,it is lack of their all star center Yaoming& it is a team that also lacks of experience ,i mean it is a team maing up by young players,so i dont think they will really achieve sth in the play offs .