ex-gay: fact, fraud, or fantasy?

@jepoi17 (118)
January 4, 2011 6:01am CST
hi good evening mylotters! i want to share something about one issue i have read in a book and i want you to tell whether this discussion belongs to three options i have prepared in the title. . . ."EX-GAY"is a term that always seems to bring a response. for the most part,the gay community believes this is a total lie. they deny that it is possible to become ex-gay. it is their belief that "ex-gay" is a fraudulent term.they may allow that the ex-gay person is sincere in his belief of change, but they see the ex-gay as simply engrossed in a fantasy situation. they think that one day, the former homosexual will come back to reality and find that he or she is just a gay as ever. . . .this is one part of the chapter that i have read and i want to know your feeling about it, ladies, gentlemen and in between. .
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13 Feb 11
some stories I heard,make me believe that ex-gay do exist.some gays do have straight women partners.some gays have lesbian partners.I think when true love comes in,gender becomes nothing but gender.love doesn't look at the gender.
@toniganzon (72411)
• Philippines
4 Jan 11
In my opinion and in what i have witnessed, ex-gay exist. I had a gay friend before who is now a pastor and yes he admitted to being a convert from gay to straight since he accepted God in his life. If gay people don't agree with this or don't believe that it could happen, then we shouldn't have to convince them. AS i have witnessed it not only once but twice.