Just curious.....has anyone here been scammed on ebay? If so, how and for how mu

@YoMomma1 (922)
United States
November 18, 2006 5:25pm CST
i was scammed once, i bought what was advertised as an authentic coach handbag for $80. i shoulda known, i know. well i got it home and i compared it to my REAL bag (they were same models just different colors) and the ebay one was horrible- bad stiching, fake leather.. so i emailed the seller, she said send it to her and once recieved she would send me a refund. i sent the bag back with delivery confirmation. NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN!! so i was out $80+ the return shipping! i filed claims with both ebay and paypal..nothing happened! Needless to say this lady basically abandoned her ebay and paypal accts so no funds could be recovered. subsequentley, i found out she had done this to 6 other people. scammers suck!!
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@baysmummy (1638)
• Australia
19 Nov 06
wow that is horrible, I really think there should be more protection for the buyers really they are paying out all this money and half the time they get messed around with fake things or the incorrect item gets sent out and all the rest and it is always out of there pocket to send the item back to the seller when the seller is the one who messed up and sent the wrong items, if your lucky to receive your purchase's at all! I will be honest i do abit of selling on ebay and one day i sent out 10 items each to different people and i did make a mistake i mixed up 2 items with the wrong people, Anyway when they received there incorrect items i paid money into both of their bank accounts so that they could send each other the real item they bidded on, i wouldnt of expected it any other way! I also have a huge problem with buyers bidding and never paying!
@YoMomma1 (922)
• United States
4 Dec 06
yeah especially around the holidays there are a lot of win and dont pay buyers