Which is the most boring thing in your life.

January 4, 2011 11:19pm CST
Boring is a character I think nobody likes it . It happens in eveyones life in one or other time . This makes life much miserable .I think being isolated what it makes much more boring what you think.
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• Pakistan
15 Jan 11
I have lot of work to complete. But I could not touch it as I feel it is a boring job to complete. Pending work list is increasing day by day and it is becoming more and more boring. I take interest in music and games. While work is work, and it is becoming boring and boring.
@uniqueorn (1011)
• Philippines
9 Jan 11
The most boring thing would be when I am so anxious about the things done wrong and when I know I'm being less productive or not productive at all. I always think of doing things that make me busy at the same time not feeling tired. I know it's hard to find such thing but with passion I know it will happen.
• India
5 Jan 11
Define boring. Different people have different meaning for boring in here. I would say that. Some find that reading novels is boring while i find listening to stupid classes is boring! I wouldn't know much about that because i always do something else when i find that i am boring myself or even boring others also! In simple words i am like active most of the time and always more! Cheers!
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
6 Jan 11
hi, the most boring thing in my life, was when i have no work and always alone in our house, i'm always lying in the bed, watching movies, and sleep. very boring life...
• India
5 Jan 11
I work as a software engineer. Generally I have to work very hard in office and I get very less time to leisure or think about something else. Only leisure time is the weekend. There also I surf internet on those. So, I generally dont encounter the period to get bore. But sometime, I really feel going to office has become very much monotonous and boring for me. Because everyday, I am doing the same thing. Having meetings, discussion etc. So, it feels bore.