Some Critique and Suggestions?

January 5, 2011 2:37pm CST
So I have started a couple of blogs over the last month or so. I started writing a post a day and then pver the holidays got super busy and stopped writing for awhile. I really want to keep up with this and have these blogs make a little extra money for my family. But just as importantly I want the blogs to be good! I want to write interesting and informative articles. I know I am not the best writer out there and I am sure as I go I will improve. For now it is what it is, and I can only do the best that I can do. My first blog is called 4 All Families and it contains information for all families lol. I plan to include reviews on products, recipes, information on everything and everything from teething to teaching repsonsibility, to managing money to deals, craft ideas ect ect. As of right now I believe I have 19 posts on that blog...I know that is a very small amount, but I hope to grow that over time as content is king! My other blog is called Hollywood Tap, I will be recaping shows such as vampire diaries, glee, one tree hill, teen mom, 16 and pregnant, 90210, gossip girl. As well as posting information on the cast of the shows and show information. As of right now I do not have very many readers, I promote on stumbleupon and ping-o-matic, it will draw in a few views when I first make a new post and then go to these places and promote it, but nothing seems to be sticking. So my question is would anyone like to look at my blogs and give me any suggestions on anything that might improve it. Do my articles suck, my writing, the design, my promoting. Any advise of suggestions would be great...and I wont take offence. I want my blog to please the people reading them, so I figure a great way to know what pleases is to ask some people for help. Thank you so much to all who are willing to do this. If you dont want to look at both even 1 would be great. Thanks again! Oh and the links to the blogs are in my profile....but I think i am alound to post them here since they are not referal I will. and
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