On PTC sites: You can earn so much more from RR than DR.

January 6, 2011 7:28am CST
I have been into PTC sites for 4 months now, and I found out that the best way to make money from them is through rented referrals. Why? Because you can have hundreds or even thousands of rented referrals compared to a few DR. And looking for DR is either laborious or expensive! But ofcourse you need to research carefully before investing. Here are some tips: The first most important thing: Find out if they are really paying. Read their forum! (very important) You can know lots of things about the site by reading it. Look at the My Stats portion of the forum so will have an idea if the rr avg clicks there are high or low. Read the REPORT A BUG part, so you know which things are not working, like the referral clicks, payments, down times. Ask questions on the forum regarding members earnings. It is advisable if you post this in a sub forum in a discreet way. Calculate how much you can earn (or lose). Different sites pay different amount for each referral clicks, so prepare your calculator! Research about the sites history. How long has the site been running. If the owner is linked with a scam site. If everything turns out positive then you can invest on rented referrals and then an upgrade. Goodluck guys! Happy earnings!
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@silentwill (1685)
• Philippines
6 Jan 11
Good advise! Let me just add to check if the admins are active in the forum. And if you have questions and can't find the answers in the forum or FAQ, send them a ticket and wait if they'll reply.
@fl0rencia (415)
• Philippines
7 Jan 11
Hi, I agree that you would earn a lot from rented referrals than the direct ones. Good for you that you last for 4 months. How much is your monthly earning now for 1 site with rented referrals?
@lingli_78 (12834)
• Australia
7 Jan 11
i have to agree with you... rented referrals are easier to obtain and you can earn more from them if they are active... but to be honest with you, i never invest my money to rent referrals before because i'm just not sure whether it will give me the returns that i am looking for... so i'm just content being a standard member... take care and have a nice day...