My crazy 2 yr old niece

United States
January 7, 2011 7:23am CST
I am helping raise my nephews and 2yr old niece along with my 2 children. I have taken care of many children in my time but I have never seen a child like my adorable niece (Chelsea). Terrible 2's is an understatement! She is fine for the most part during the day when all the other kids are at elementary school and pre-k but as soon as everyone gets home she goes nuts. A tantrum every few minutes over anything, getting mad at kids and clinging to me or Grandpa when he is here. Yesterday when I went to pick up 4 yr old nephew from pre-k she tried pushing him out of the van telling him to 'go' and got mad when I told her to be nice and that Logan was coming home with us. At first I thought she was feeling left out because the other kids did not want to play with her but after watching for last few days the are all going out of their was to play with her and make her happy but no dice. If they have a toy she wants it, they give it to her so she does not throw a fit and goes and gets another one. Then she throws down that toy and wants the new one. I have tried to make her understand she can't take toys for others and have told the kids not to give in just let her get mad she needs to learn how to play and share with others but she is still spending half the day crying and throwing major fits. When she throws them I send her to her room until she calms down but now that just means she is in her room having nervious break down for half the evening. Weekends are the worst cause she does not have me all to herself at all. I love her to death but she is driving me crazy!! lol any ideas or suggestions would be most apriciated! Thanks
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