Chrisians in Egypt

January 7, 2011 9:53am CST
What happened for Christians in Egypt has nothing to do with the true teachings of Islam and must be condemn.
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• India
8 Jan 11
I do not think whatever Muhammad said during his lifetime is enshrined in Koran. His teaching were carried over by word of the mouth and later translated into something sinister by custodians of Islam who wanted to gain supremacy. They wanted Islam to become a powerful religion. Muhammad was a good man. I am sure he could have said that kill the infidels.
• Qatar
9 Jan 11
Your answers are pretty typical for me. but no one of you gave an evidence of what he is saying you just speak your mind . And I cannot argue with opinions I argue with facts. give it to me ..prove what you are saying.
• India
10 Jan 11
Didn't I begin my post with words, "I do not think...." It is just my opinion. It is nevertheless true that Mohammed did not write Koran and none of the other religious leaders wrote the scriptures. Others translated it. It is also true that his followers today want Islam to emerge a powerful religion, even others want to do the same. If Muhammad was not a good man he could not have influenced so many. No one likes a person who is evil.
@Adoniah (7513)
• United States
8 Jan 11
Actually islam requires that everyone MUST convert or be killed. You know that so why do you say what you say. The only thing that you said that was true is that it must be condemned. But your islamic law does not condemn it, it praises it. It also says to say one thing to each other and another to the infidel. I assume that is what you are doing now.