is is good for earning money?.

January 8, 2011 2:11am CST
i have one friend to pressure me to join is it genuine and earning money through but it is networking business. and purchase their goods for one time and build up their business. please advise me
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• Chennai, India
8 Jan 11
I'd advise you only one thing. That is, networking is not a sin. Otherwise, you can decide whether to take up the business on the following facts: 1) Product : Quality of the product, Price of the product and Demand (Demand is more important, otherwise you may have to go door to door OR person to person for a quite long time.) 2) Company's background: Analyse the company's background and how they made their plan sustainable. 3) [u]PayPlan :[u] Check whether they pay the correct remuneration for the efforts they extract from you. (Mostly if a company resets your volume to zero every month, you may have to work harder for a long time. If not, you may settle quickly. And check whether they calculate bonus on BV or Points or MRP. My suggestion would be go for a company who calculates on MRP) Check whether the company's works on Binary or Matrix or Unilevel. Unilevel companies have chances of survival, whereas Matrix and Binary are little bit risky, unless the policy of the company is clear. 4) Team support: Ensure the proper support from your sponsors. Otherwise you may give up early. (It takes some time to get things acquainted and to generate some income. Till that time your sponsors should support you on your leads.) I have visited the website you mentioned. It seems the products should be good quality. But, I cannot find any information about the price and the business plan. So, I'm not able to tell you anything on that.