It is possible to withdraw the money without any deduction from paypal..?

@siliguri (4242)
January 10, 2011 12:25am CST
Hey friend few days ago i had made my first payout from paypal but what i saw they have deduct small amount from it be frankly i feel very bad because as you know how difficult it is to earn the money from online works. I fail to verified my credit card to paypal that's why i withdraw the money through my bank account and they have deduct some money. So friend do you know any way where i get my money without any deduction from paypal..Please share with me..?
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@tonyllenium (6259)
• Italy
6 Mar 11
in general if you use your bank account to withdraw on paypal..the only way to withdraw without any fee is to reach at least 101$..i don't know for foreign currencies...and so no fee will be addicted to your withdraw..
@UmiNoor (4351)
• Malaysia
8 Feb 11
I think there's a minimum amount that you can withdraw to your bank account in order not to be charged a fee. In my country, it's RM400. If I withdraw this amount or higher to my bank account, there's no charge. I think there should be a minimum amount for other countries too. I think for Singapore it's S$200. I'm not sure for your country. You should check with Paypal. It's stated on their website what the minimum amount is.
@marguicha (166078)
• Chile
13 Jan 11
Every time I withdraw money from paypal to my credit card they charge $5. So, after the first ttime, I withdraw when I have enough or use part of my earnings to buy some things that can be paid through them.
@asliah (11140)
• Philippines
13 Jan 11
hi, sorry coz i still dont withdraw my money. and i want to know more about it. on how to process it.
@mukul32 (13)
• India
10 Jan 11
the same problem i had . recently i had received 10$ from a company in us at my pay pal a/c. i had requested for withdrawal been directly transfered to my bank for which they have made a deduction of 1.2$ .
@topffer (41818)
• France
10 Jan 11
I believe that it varies from country to country ? It is free here when you withdraw money directly to a bank account, but they take a fee when you do it using a credit card. A friend explained me that PayPal has more guarantees when a member verifies a bank account than when a member verifies only a credit card, and that it is why they try to encourage users to verify a bank account. My friend explained me this too late : I had already verified a bank account. I am using it to withdraw my online earnings and I have had no problem yet.
@SomeCowgirl (32254)
• United States
10 Jan 11
Hmmm, make sure it's not some sort of verification process, but I am not sure. There might be a surcharge every time and it might be a good idea to check what kind of paypal you have and if that effects a fee
• India
10 Jan 11
If you are belong to US citizen then it absolutely free to withdraw the money and if not then they will charge some amount of you withdrawing.. So nothing one can do apart from paypal administrative bodies..Hope in our country such paypal websites come and charge no cost..