CashGopher is a joke!(a rant)

United States
January 11, 2011 2:11pm CST
I have been a member of it since September 1,2010. I have not made a cent! Not anything! Nothing! Not a thing! CashGopher ,to me is a joke! If I could I would uninstall it! I don't know what software I installed that is CashGopher! I don't recommend it and wish I never wasted my time with it! I still think it infested my home pc with a root kit!
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@owlwings (43251)
• Cambridge, England
11 Jan 11
CashGopher does NOT install a 'root kit' or anything which is not specifically stated in the FAQs. If you haven't earned anything from it (and I see that you are in the US), then it has not installed properly. This might have been a problem with very early versions of the program and I suggest that you re-install it. If you still have problems, you should contact CashGopher support. Discussions relating specifically to Cashgopher problems are normally removed from MyLot discussions. I am in the UK and have made, on average, 4.5 cents a day since September 2nd WITHOUT any referrals. I would expect that someone in the US who uses their PC for a reasonable amount of time during the day would be seeing a comparable return.
@marguicha (164125)
• Chile
11 Jan 11
I live in Chile and I had to uninstall Cashgopher as my computer started to run very slowly until I had to take it to be fixed. It costed me a lot more that the few cents I then made.
• United States
15 Jan 11
I have tried to contact Cashgopher's support,more then once but they never got in contact with me! This also pisses me off! Half the time I need to contact a site I am having problems with never get back to me! That makes me more frustrated and really angery!
• Philippines
12 Jan 11
Ive been searching free money online and cashgopher dont give any..
@ybong007 (6656)
• Philippines
12 Jan 11
Cashgopher looked promising when I installed it in my computer. Earnings came at rate of .06 to as high as .09 if I remember it correctly and then I noticed that it just stopped. There were days that I don't earn at all even though I'm online most of the time that's why I uninstalled it.
@greenline (14848)
• Canada
11 Jan 11
I have it installed on my computer, and it seems to be active. My earnings are rising day-to-day. The amounts are not huge, but it is working well, it seems. I am waiting to the point when my earning would reach the payout amount.