Friends Forever

January 12, 2011 4:42am CST
It's not much of a story to tell. My best friend and I have been the best of friends since we were 9 years old. That's like 16 years already. We've been thru a lot. Misunderstandings, fights, good times, schemes, road trips, everything. It's just really heartwarming that up to now, we treat each other like we're sisters. i call/text her whenever i need to express something that i know only she can understand. she does the same thing. and we're not afraid to tell each other how stupid we are with our decisions in life. we are not afraid to tell each other that we're wrong and that we're not being smart. we tell each other to remind one another that "you've done that before, why haven't you learn at all?"... it's nice to have a friend like that. someone you can talk to about anything. someone who'll tell you you're fat when you really are fat and that you need to lose some weight. my best friend is my soul mate. or at least one of my soulmates. are you like that with your bestfriend? What's the longest time you've been friends with someone?
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• Philippines
12 Jan 11
sadly, right now we are not talking, though our mother's doesn't know. We've been friends since we were in preschool like we were 5, so more or less we've been friends for 16 yrs or so too, we're close but not like you are, and maybe there really comes a time that one needs to get away from people who gets us hurt most of the time...sigh
• Philippines
12 Jan 11
mothers, I mean
@EdnaReyes (2622)
• Philippines
14 Jan 11
I agree with you that having a best friend for a longest time is great. I am too is blessed to have such a friend. He can be my enemy for a while, my friend, my ally, my opponent, my dis tractor, my defender, a fan, a hater, a suitor, a lover. He's been my best friend for 19 years! He's my husband
@kingatul (849)
• India
12 Jan 11
I have been friends with my best friend since the last 15 years and as you said he is the one person in this world who'll never give me a diplomatic answer. He'll tell me when I'm wrong or right. He'll always motivate me to go for something for which I'm hesitant. He has been someone to whom I can turn for advice any time of the day. I try to do the same for him but am never as good as he is. I feel that I need him to be there with me in any hard times I will be facing.