What do you think of the current Brennan-Booth set-up?

January 14, 2011 1:23am CST
Now that Booth has a new girlfriend, it's apparent that Brennan aka Bones is jealous. In the latest episode (the one where she Bones identified herself in the character of the doctor victim), she even told Booth how she felt, but as they talked, she came to realize and accept that her chance to be with Booth has passed, and that Booth was really in love with Hannah. Bones cried. I cried. I love their chemistry as characters. I love their friendship. The playfulness of how their characters' love story was played. It's a sad thing Hannah entered the picture. I really love it if Booth and Bones were to try being a couple. See where it leads. How about you? Are you a Bones fan? What do you thing about their relationship right now?
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@calajane (1003)
• Poland
14 Jan 11
I actually really like the Hannah storyline. Because it's natural and actually how things are in real life. If your miss the opportunity to get with a really great guy, chances are by the time you really see how awesome he is, he will be with somebody else. And that's exactly what happened in Bones. Now, we all know that sooner or later Booth and Bones will end up together. But I like the way the writers are going about it. I'm actually optimistic about the whole development.
14 Jan 11
the last episode of bones was really awkward and weird as well. and to cap it off, bones decided to take a leap and tell booth how she feels. sadly, booth declines her not-so-forward request to be with her because she has hannah now. your timing sucks, temp'rance!