Do you use cheats in GTA?

@leo2050 (348)
January 16, 2011 2:52am CST
Hello friends, you all must have played GTA. Well, GTA is very interesting if one uses cheat codes in it. I love to use cheat codes in GTA. Its really fun in flying a car, getting so many weapons, blasting vehicles and even doing a lot of stunts.
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• United States
16 Jan 11
When I'm playing the game for the first time, I don't use cheat codes. Once I finished the game for the first time, the second playthrough I do use cheat codes for health, bullet proof vest, weapons, and vehicles.
@iCeeLuSh (187)
• Philippines
14 Apr 11
Yeah I agree to this. I first finished the game then use cheats afterwards. It still feels good if you finish the game with hardwork and knew the story without any cheats. But hey GTA San Andreas is one of my favorites :D "SPAWN HYDRA!" LOL :D
@devlab (29)
• United States
18 Jul 11
Same with me. I feel that beating any GTA without cheats is a test of skill. The only one I never used cheats in after beating it was GTA IV.
3 Oct 12
You can't enjoy in GTA without cheats and codes
• Indonesia
2 Apr 11
not really i rarely use the cheats in GTA coz i always forgot the code haha
• United States
6 Jun 11
I wait till I beat the game then unleash hell with all the cheats ahahaha some of the greatest fun I have ever had while playing a game some of the craziest things you will ever see in that game.
• Portugal
17 Aug 11
I only use cheats when i'm very very bored and have nothing else to do, but that's rare. I prefer getting a hydra from the abandoned airport, fly over area 51 and getting chased by enemy hydras :D Lot more fun than using cheats.
@rohit56 (32)
• India
29 Nov 11
Sometimes it's good to use cheats when you find that game is lost from your control so to get your command back on the game . Cheats are used . But the real game is only when you tackle every stage , every task with yourselves and try to find out the best solution for it.. So Enjoy Gta alot it sooo good game...
@praykin (331)
• United States
20 Jan 11
Yeah I do sometimes I find myself looking up the cheat codes online lol but usually i just try to finish the game first on my own...way more easier with the codes though and yeah you can check out a lot of different things that happen.
@tash01 (2030)
• Jamaica
19 Jan 11
Well at frist when i saw my son playing it was saying its kinda boring ....but he was having fun. And then my husband print the cheating codes and give it to him, he was doing more stunts and firing a lot of shot. he just stop doing the mission and start riding bike and driving on water .. when you have the cheating code you have more fun.
@sajeevking (5073)
• Mumbai, India
11 Feb 11
Well no i usually used the cheat codes when i just played it for fun then when i thought of completing it 100% i started again with the cheat codes and have completed the games with the help of some walkthrough that can be found on the net its very easy to complete with cheat codes but i like to play it without them as it get lots hard to complete the missions
@yoniarnon (1079)
• Israel
17 Jan 11
I don't like cheats, but when i bored from the game i just walk around and hit or shoot people, some times i am doing a lot of bad thing and then just run away from the police, you should try it, it is nice..
@wydtron (302)
• Portugal
16 Jan 11
The one with the flying car is the one i used more in the Grand theft auto san andreas because sometimes it takes like 20 minutes to be where you need to complete or start your mission so i have a low patience to slow vehicles and specially the traffic that gives me never each time i hit a car so i prefer flying ^^. Thanks for reading, commenting and rating :)
@Vizarde (58)
• United States
18 Jan 11
If im playing it in pc yes. because it a lot more easier to type those cheats.
• Vietnam
19 Jan 11
yes. using cheast will help we comptele misson so easy.
• United States
9 Mar 11
I use cheat only if I don't want to do a mission or something like that, for fun :).
• Philippines
16 Jan 11
I don't use cheats when I am playing in order to finish the missions/the whole game. But sometimes, I try the funny cheats and see how hilarious it would look like. But I won't save it.
• India
16 Jan 11
Yes of course I do. With cheats the game becomes even more interesting. You can be a multi-millionaire in a few minutes. Just get yourself a tank with 'panzer' code. Then enter into the tank and accept the vigilante mission. Then come out of the tank and blow it with another cheat code. You get paid for the mission. Then get another tank with the same cheat code 'panzer' and get inside it. If you continue doing this for few more times, you can become a millionaire. You can buy new apartments which is interesting. You can even use cheat to fly cars. You can drive them in sea. You can get full health and full armor anytime. If the cops are looking for you, just type a cheat and they will leave you alone. Isn't this incredible?
@petersum (4522)
• United States
16 Jan 11
Yes, some of the cheats are very funny. But their usefulness is limited to about two minutes in my opinion. They becoming boring so quickly! The original game style is still best!
• Philippines
16 Jan 11
Yes I use cheats for fun. By typing codes or certain buttons, I could make everybody follow my character, hover on the sea, spawn a tank, and much more. My favorite cheat in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the "Bubble Cars". My favorite cheat in Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the "Fanny Magnet". When I use this cheat, girls will follow me and sometimes, protect me. When I attain a wanted level, of course a cop will attempt to chase me. The funny thing is that the girls who follow me punches the cop. LOL My favorite cheat in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories is the "Bobble Head World". Although I like using cheats, I am not using cheats in missions. I still like to experience the challenge of the game.
• Singapore
16 Jan 11
Yea i do! I would spend time on the train in SA with no wanted. Sniping as i go past and blasting cars in my way with rocket. Sometimes i use pistol so they don't start running ^-^