Building New Menories of Baguio

January 17, 2011 6:26am CST
Boyfie had planned this vacation after we spent Christmas in Tagaytay. We were both disappointed when we were in Tagaytay because there was nothing to do and since it was Christmas day, Picnic Grove was overcrowded, the traffic was terrible and since we did not have a car, getting to a place and back to our hotel was a hassle. So I told him that if we would be in Baguio it would be less troublesome and there are some places that we can just walk. So, he filed for a vacation leave at work and we spent the weekend there. I was a little concerned over news that the temperatures are dropping because of my asthma. But when we got there, it wasn't that cold. Boyfie also enjoyed our stay because we were able to get around Baguio without any hassles thanks to the many taxis in the city, and the fare is okay. We were able to eat a lot of veggies (I recommend Jack's) and enjoyed brewed coffee almost everywhere. Imagine having a cup of good brewed coffee for only P18 (that's roughly $.20 or $.25). I was also able to bring home a bag of Cordillera brew. The best part of this vacation is that I am able to make new memories of Baguio. I have always associated Baguio with my ex boyfriend who dumped me, and I always wanted to go back and make new memories. I love the place, and now I am able to make new memories of the place. Was there ever a place that you held dear but could not go back because it would remind you of something painful or sad?
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20 Jan 11
No, I don't have any place in mind that would make me feel sad. Every year, me and my husband always find time to have a 3 to 4 days visit to Baguio. This place is very special to us, not for any other reason, but because we never had a bad experience while touring the city. Since 1996 (our first anniversary of being boyfriend-girlfriend) until 2007, a year before we got married. We stopped the tradition of going there in 2008 because we got married and decided to go to Bohol. 2009 to 2010 we continued the tradition.:)
@mrfdg1972 (3237)
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18 Jan 11
Its like i miss my College my College Days in Baguio...Baguio is a place where you can Hug all Day..
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17 Jan 11
Wow, that's a bit cheap i guess. it's just a place you don't need to remember you're idiot ex bf. baguio seemed to be more colder now than ever before because of the weather