Please keep my fiance and his family......

@Katlady2 (9906)
United States
January 18, 2011 12:26pm CST
in your hearts, thoughts and prayers. Bill (my fiance) just lost his father the other night. His dad, who has been dealing with ongoing health issues such as diabetes and congestive heart failure, fell suddenly as he was walking with his walker. I'm not sure of all of the details but apparently his dad hit his head very very hard and at the same time that happened his heart stopped. Bill's mom managed to revive him and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was put on a breathing machine. But from what the autopsy showed, dad's brain swelled so much inside the skull so quickly that in spite of being revived he was already clinically dead. Bill found out from his mom this morning that dad's brain was herniated as well...I guess from the fall...and there were holes all through both lobes of his brain. Bill has been having a pretty rough time of it, especially since we are in California and his family is up in Spokane, Washington. He will be leaving tomorrow to go to his sister's in Spokane, and the funeral will be on Saturday. He's trying to find out if his sister will pay for me to go with him...but I'm not holding my breath on that as it's so expensive along with the fact that his family doesn't know me and I wouldn't expect them to take in a complete stranger into their home, not to mention pay for me to fly up there. Please send your love, light, prayers....whatever positiveness you Bill and his family. Thank you all....big hugs to each and every one of you.
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@anniepa (27955)
• United States
18 Jan 11
I'm so sorry to read of your fiance's father's passing, Hon. Hugs to you and to Bill and his family and they're certainly all in my prayers as of this moment. Something like this is always hard but it looks like this was really sudden so that makes it even a bit tougher. You take care of yourself whether you go with your fiance or not! Annie
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@CatsandDogs (13964)
• United States
5 Feb 11
Oh I'm SO sorry to hear this Katlady! When I got this, I was really sick and is why I couldn't respond sooner but you and your fiance have been in my thoughts a great deal! Just before this happened, my mom fell backwards too and hit her head hard on the floor and she had a big goose egg on the back of her head. She knows she's very lucky that nothing else happened to her because of having such a serious stroke almost three years ago. Gosh, I'm so sorry and hope your fiance finds some peace in this trying time.
@MsTickle (25182)
• Australia
23 Jan 11
Hello lovely lady...sorry I'm so late. That must have been quite a shock. It's hard enough to lose a parent but for his dad to go suddenly like that must have been very difficult. He probably wanted and needed you by his side and I can understand that. It's good that you're dealing with the family situation so realistically, some would have unreal expectations perhaps and that would just put an extra strain on things. I wouldn't like to think of you meeting his family at this sad time...that's better put off for a happier time. Meanwhile, the worst is probably over now and you two can move on, albeit with heavier hearts. You know things will get better...sending hugs, positive energy and big smiles to you my dear. xxxx
@AmbiePam (59069)
• United States
28 Jan 11
I've been off mylot for ten days, so I'm sorry I missed this. I will be praying for your fiance. This pain will linger for a long time I know, but hopefully he can find some peace in the midst of all of the inner turmoil.
@paula27661 (15811)
• Australia
21 Jan 11
Condolences to you, your fiancé and his family for the passing of his father. I can only imagine the grief you are all experiencing at present and I will gladly keep your all in my thoughts and prayers at this sad time…