Elder Scrolls: Skyrim predictions/ wish list

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January 18, 2011 4:06pm CST
Oblivion was a great, albeit buggy, game. Some even refer to it as the "Dad of all RPGs". After Oblivion and it's expansion packs, however, Bethsda left it's fans in the dark about any possible continuation of the series. With the release of Skyrim's trailer (and release date) more questions are raised than answered. What we do know is that the leveling system will be relatively similar to that of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and that they are putting together a whole new engine specifically for this game. While these facts are few, they are massive. Does anyone know anything else about the game, or have any predictions as to it's details? Anything you'd like to see improved/removed?
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@e_mendo2 (127)
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25 Jan 11
Oblivion was a great game but when you compare it to Morrowind the size is just seems so much less. I'm hoping that they make the size of skyrim comparable to the size of morrowind. I also hope that they have many more factions in this game like in previous elder scrolls and having them change interests depending on which factions you join. Another thing they need to keep is the leveling system of oblivion, I love the whole leveling system based on what you use. I'm sure they are going to do a great job on this game especially with the new engine they are implementing.
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28 Jan 11
Lets just hope they don't try too hard and mess it all up.
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7 Jul 11
The release date 11/11/11 gives us everything, Its going to be epic. (I hope so) I wish it has the unique landspaces of morrowind, better engine than oblivion, spellmaking all that stuff. But after i watched the gamedemos I realised how much work has put into it, the dragons and their attacks are perfectly executed, and the Actions will cause other actions is a way to go. IT IS going to be the best game of 2011 or propably the best game of 2010-2020
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18 Jan 11
I wouldn't go that far, it wasn't even close to the first rpg. Hopefully they change it, it was way too easy to lose track of what you were currently doing. I don't want to take notes while I'm gaming, LOL. It was a very good game and I liked that there was so much to complete.
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24 Jan 11
I totally expect this to be the best RPG type game of 2011, maybe even the decade. Bethesda does some amazing stuff when it comes to the Elder Scrolls series. Oblivion was really a freakin awesome game if you could get past the transition from Morrowind. The way I have read some of IGN's articles about Skyrim, it sounds like they will be fixing most of the things that really pissed of Morrowind fans about Oblivion. It does sound like they are dumbing down the RPG element a little bit (ala Fallout), but it should still turn out good. I am hoping they will bring back the flight ability that was lost in Oblivion. Does anyone else get the feeling that Skyrim will be a more "vertical" world? I read that they are doing away with mysticism and bringing back enchanting. I never really perceived that enchanting was gone, it just sucked. I also read that you will be able to go to a forge an create new weapons, as opposed to just finding/buying/stealing/repairing them as in the past. IGN stated that there will be 10 playable races in Skyrim, which seems like an increase but I am not for sure. All I know for sure is that I am very excited and optimistic about its release.
@bobbajob (80)
1 Mar 11
The in game trailer for skyrim is amazing... Can't wait to kill dragons with my awesome swords, bring on 11/11/11 :)
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3 Jul 11
I really hope they have an awsome arena like they did for Oblivion. I also hope you get to fight a lot of dragons. I love this series so much an d cant wait till it comes out!!!