Valentine's Day Celebration

January 19, 2011 5:57am CST
Valentines Day is the day for love and lovers. This day is celebrated to give attribution to saint Valentine. This is the best day to convey love to each other, to propose your beloved ones. Love is in the air, we feel the sweet melancholy of love when it comes in our life. We feel eager to meet with our beloved ones, we want to spend times with our partners, we think about them, we take care of them, suddenly an unknown person becomes too close to our heart. Valentines Day is the day to recall all the sweet memories those we have spent together with our special ones, to devote ourselves and to speak out about our feelings that we want to share with them and to make them feel how much we love them, how much they are important to us, how much they are precious to us, that we want to spend our entire life with them. Valentines Day generally is celebrated by couples by exchanging gifts and chocolates and and of course a red rose as the red rose is the symbol of love, affection. A candle light dinner arranged either at home with beautiful decoration of flowers, heart shaped balloons and other accessories or at restaurants or dancing with the music along with partners or spending an evening at sea beach with having champagne and beloved ones or visiting the place where we first met or by going for a long drive to avoid all noise and and disturbances. Valentine Day is the great day to confess our love toward our beloved one. This day spreads love in the air everywhere and also spreads the message of love that makes life beautiful.
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• United States
19 Jan 11
You are so right!!! This is probably my favorite day of the year, even though I probably don't do as much as I used to in the past with my hubby, but we atleast try to make it as special as we can. Unfortunately this year, Valentine's Day is celebrated on a weekday, so we have decided to make our plans for the weekend, have a nice quiet dinner and maybe go to a movie. I also made plans for Sunday afternoon to take them to the zoo, so that they don't feel left out anyways they are the love of my life. So that weekend is dedicated to having fun and making memorable memories with my loved ones, which includes my mom as well. Even though like you said, Valentine's Day is most designated for partners I also feel it is for the people that hold a special part in our heart and my family definitely holds all the places in my heart. I love the way you defined Valentine's Day it was heart warming and nice.
• India
20 Jan 11
Hi enjoy this event in your own way and thanks for your comments.
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
24 Jan 11
hi, valentines day is just for lovers only, and they could enjoy it, while those people that still single, like me, definitely never ever enjoy it.
• Philippines
20 Jan 11
HI Manasi, your description of Valentines Day is full of love, i think you are constantly in love and loved. Though i am not lucky in love, i think that Valentines Day is not only a day for lovers but for all people. All of us need to love and be loved so that peace and harmony will prevail. Love should be present all the time in whatever situations. This will make living really worthwhile.
@lizmik143 (137)
• Philippines
20 Jan 11
Yes, it is a good day to be reminded that we need to love and to be loved. However, there are others who feel bad when Valentine's Day comes, especially those who are single. They would feel less loved and unattractive. Others will go out on their way and find someone agreeable to spend Valentine's Day with even if they don't feel anything for each other. They can find the guts to spend the day in each others company for the sake of not being left out.